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Brewery grits are crafted through a precise process involving the tempering and degermination of cleaned corn. After tempering with steam to reach 20% moisture, the kernels are determined to separate the starchy endosperm from the outer covering and germ layer. The de-germinated endosperm is then dried, cooled, and processed through mills and screens to yield fractions of grits, meals, and flours.

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This is used by the brewers as a malt replacement to make alcohol in beer. Grits have also been used by brewers to dilute nitrogen content when using malt, which is very high in protein. When making alcohol, the grits are cooked to gelatinize the starches and then added to the mash. A brewer uses grits to soften a particular beer’s taste or decrease the cost of raw materials. Grits are widely used in mass-market beers worldwide, and their use is largely responsible for the lightness of malt flavour in such beers.