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Product :


Botanical Name :

Elettaria Cardamomum

Origin :


Usage :


Type :

Machine Clean & Sortex Clean

Quality Available :

Whole With Shell , Seeds , Husk

Green Cardamom Grade Available :


Big Cardamom Grade Available :

Extra Bold , Bold ,Medium

Form Available :

Whole & Powder

Harvesting Season :

Oct. To Dec.

Shelf Life :

1 Year From Production Date

GMO Status :

Not Genetically Modified

Storage Condition :

Cool And Dry (20 C)

Packaging :

10 Kg, 15 Kg, 25 Kg & 50 LBS Paper/Poly/Jute Bags

Labelling :

As Per Buyer’s Requirement

Specification :

Detail Specification Will Be Provided Upon Request

Microbiological Parameters :

As Per Requirement & Importing Country Norms

M O Q :

10 MT

Cardamom, celebrated as the ‘Queen of Spices,’ holds a distinguished position among the most precious spices globally. In India, where it is cultivated in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, Meera Exim stands out as a prominent cardamom manufacturer and supplier. The dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial plant, Indian cardamom, is renowned for its unique aroma, flavour, size, and colour qualities.

Influenced by the warm humid climate, loamy soil rich in organic matter, distributed rainfall, and special cultivation and processing methods, Indian cardamom is truly exceptional. It is a key ingredient in a wide range of sweets and confectionery, contributing to its well-established culinary values.

Comprising two main types, Large Cardamom and Small Cardamom, cardamom is one of the most exotic and highly-priced spices globally, following vanilla and saffron. With a history as old as human civilization, cardamom is native to parts of India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia, displaying its versatile nature in both sweet and savoury dishes.

As a leading Cardamom Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Meera Exim plays a crucial role in the global cardamom market. Providing top-quality cardamom, including the aromatic Large Cardamom with its main variety being the ‘Malabar Cardamom,’ and three grades of Small Cardamom – Allepy Green Extra Bold (AGEB), Allepy Green Bold (AGB), and Allepy Green Superior (AGS) – Meera Exim ensures the highest standards in every batch.

Beyond culinary applications, cardamom finds its place in medicines, spices, perfumes, and as a flavouring, imparting a fiery pungency to alcohol. Green Cardamom, recognized for its strong taste and intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance, is one of the most expensive spices. Stored best in the pod, Meera Exim’s cardamom products meet and exceed the expectations of quality and flavour, making it a trusted choice in the market.